Artist's Statement

My entire focus as a portrait artist is to evoke the soul of my subjects, and capture the beauty within and around them. Through the blend of photography and painting, I create portraits with emotion, unique depth, intense color, texture and light; this integration has established my unique style.

I have been inspired by the Impressionists, and have studied with photographers famous for their mastery of this expression. As a portrait artist, I initially used photography; now with the advances in technology I am able to take that work to a higher level with the combination of photography, digital and oil painting. This medium allows a magnification of color and contrast that more fully reveals the depth of my subjects and provides more freedom to interpret those subjects. Painting allows me more expression and passion in my art.

The beauty and bonds of life are the passions in my art. The spontaneity and joy of childhood, the tenderness of the relationship between mother and child, the connection between siblings, a dancer’s love for their art are all recurrent themes in my work.. I observe and interact with my subjects, working intuitively to establish an atmosphere where I give my subjects permission to be themselves. It is in this safe atmosphere that that the souls of my subjects are authentically revealed.

The connection and emotion I paint moves through generations; my life work is the life bond. This is my passionate pursuit.